Team Members


Assoc. Prof. Utku Buyuksahin, Ph.D.

Fahri Kerem UYGURMEN
Finance Manager
Electronic Engineer

Sami Durukan was graduated from the Electronics and

Communication Engineering Department of Istanbul

Technical University in 2005. He completed his master

study in the Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department of Çankaya University in 2012. He is currently

a PhD. candidate in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Ankara University. He has 10 years industrial

experiences in leading companies like Roketsan and his main

focus is the design, simulation and tests of analog & digital

electronic circuits, FPGA and embedded software.

Zeynep ERDEM
Office Manager

Zeynep Erdem was graduated from Business

Administration Departmentof Doğuş Universityin

2002 withfullscholarship. She worked as Accountand

Finance Managerin a construction firm for ten years.

She is part of our team now, as Office Manager.

Cenk Ersin KARATAŞ
Mechanical Engineer

Cenk Ersin Karataş was graduated from the Mechanical

Engineering Department of Marmara Universityin 2005.

He focuses on 3D design, pneumatic and hydraulics. He

has 10 years of experience for the production of CNC

machines, stewart platform and models for advert.

Methalurgical Engineer

Mehmet Konyar received his Ph.D. dissertation as a Materials

Scientist from Gebze Technical University(GTU). Finally, he

was involved to a collaborative study as a post doctoral

researcher for the detection of breast cancer by a

lab-on-a-chip between Chemical Engineering and Electronics

Engineering in Istanbul Technical University(ITU). Advanced

surfaces, characterization techniques of materials and low

temperature synthesis methods are his focused topics.

Dr. Konyaris currently working as a Materials Engineer for

Sensobright Industries LLC to develop advanced materials

for tactile sensor.

Senior Technician

Murat Özmenwas graduated from Haydarpaşa

Technical High School in 1992 and worked as a

Machine Technician in automotive industry for

19 years in leadingcompanies like Honda and

robotics industry for 4 years.

Metin Oktay YILMAZ
Mechatronics Engineer

Metin Oktay Yılmaz received Mechatronics Engineering

degree from Yıldız Technical University. In Sensobright

Industries LLC, He work as a Technical Engineer. His

duty is to help his colleagues in engineering, procurement

and variety of other tasks.